What will you do with your Furlough Days?

Since it is looking like furloughs are going to happen, I’ve been thinking about what I will do with my newly found “free time.”

I admit the first day I will probably relax a bit and tackle my personal to-do list; but over the long term, assuming furloughs continue long term, that seemed somewhat unfulfilling. I think I may go volunteer at our local animal shelter for a few hours on those days.

Most Federal employees are Feds because we want to make our world a better place. We could still do so, despite the awful situation we are in. I admit there is some irony to my choice. We’ve been told specifically we cannot come in to our federal government jobs (“volunteer”) on furlough days, we cannot even be in a travel status on furlough day. But here I am choosing to volunteer that time for a function of my LOCAL government. Hmmm. It still seems like a good idea to me. What are you planning?

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Profile Photo Scott Florack

If you believe what you read in the Federal Times, it says:

“..she can’t even get hard information, such as what will happen to employees at her base who have to take a furlough day while on travel. (By the way, employees on duty travel forced to take a furlough will still get reimbursed for their per diems.)”

The lack of information is unsettling..

Profile Photo Terrence Hill

Not sure about my personal furlough situation, but I plan to volunteer with local non-profits, if possible. I also plan to spend more time on myself – exercising, reading, planning my next career, etc.

Profile Photo R J Parry

I will be preparing for my return to the states and retirement. After 31 years total federal service, I am tired of the politicians screwing with pay, benefits and time off. Looking at spending as much time as I have available to volunteer…

Profile Photo Spencer W. Clark

At EPA, our Emerging Leaders Network has been discussing organizing a day of community service during the furloughs. Thanks for putting this on GovLoop. We absolutely hope that this idea will spread!

Profile Photo Randi Salkowitz

I have 22 years of mess and clutter accumulated throughout my house. And while I would love to report that I would be doing something noble such as volunteering my time to help others… Instead, I have purchased a large box of heavy-duty contractor trash bags. Let the de-cluttering begin!

Profile Photo Jeffrey Levy

I’ll probably spend some time on myself. I tend to work considerably longer hours than 40/week anyway, and I do some volunteer work already. All of that adds up, for example, to me rarely hiking these days.

As to the question of travel expenses, I go straight to the source (OPM) . Here’s what an addendum to OPM’s guidance says:

Q. Must agencies cover travel expenses during a furlough day, if an employee’s travel

status requires his/her stay to include that furlough day?

A.Yes. Agencies must provide per diem or actual expenses to employees whose travel

status requires a stay that includes a furlough day.

Profile Photo Pat Alford

On my furlough days, I’ll be busy trying to tackle some of the home projects I won’t’ be able to afford to pay someone else to do because of the reduction in income!

Profile Photo Marian Henderson

Our state government employees have been furloughed 1/2 day to 1 day per month for the last 3 years. I use my time for appointments so that I don’t have to be away from the office when I’m not on furlough.

Profile Photo Samuel F Doucette

Help around the house, especially by providing some relief to my wife who is a stay-at-home Mom with three kids under six. If/when I start driving her crazy, then I’ll figure out what to do outside the home on my furlough days.

Profile Photo Benjamin Vasquez

I think I will use it to my advantage. Use them in conjunction with RDO’s and make the most of it. Put all negative aside, for what can I do about it anyway, and just enjoy the day. Kind of like leave without pay. Too bad I cant just accumilate all the days I will have to take and be off for a long period of time. “Vacation With Out Pay”.

Profile Photo Ginny Ivanoff

I have been preparing financially and my partner, he has been unemployed for over a year, just started a new full-time position – we will be ok. The extra days off will go towards my garden and a couple small home projects, maybe volunteer a few daytime hours to the local museum. I will also have more time to work on some online courses for my post-Fed career.

Profile Photo Stephen

I plan to use it as motivation to start up a side business. I’ve got several biz ideas that have been cooking in my brain for so long and I have just never put the pedal down. The reduction in income may be that kick in the pants I really needed.

Profile Photo P. Rana Stewart

I will be totally honest, I am going to truly love not sitting at the desk… on the other hand, preparing to leave the FED world and return back to the MEDICAL world… I can even have a 2nd job without someone telling me, I better not work a 2nd, even though you are reducing my paycheck…hummmm…. and starting my non-profit business is taking shape, and always volunteering, but that’s what I do weekly…. I LOVE it!!