What’s Everyone Doing for Halloween?

This weekend everyone will probably celebrating Halloween or Fall Festivals with family and friends. There may be house parties, block parties, candy being handed out at the malls or hospitals, haunted houses, hayrides, dances, costume contests or some people go to amusement parks for their Halloween bashes!

So how do you plan to celebrate this year?

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Handing out candy and enforcing the law against those 6-foot trick-or-treaters! Actually, I’m kidding about the second half of the statement! I’m still amazed from earlier this week when I heard about cities who have created Trick-or-Treat laws which result in fines or jail for trick-or-treaters over a certain age/height.

Do cities really need to spend the time and $$ to create such laws? I was surprised to hear so many cities in various states are doing this. Haven’t heard of such craziness here in AZ….yet!

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Attending the “Government Doesn’t Suck Rally” and then having a personal movie festival starting with Devil Bat and ending with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Holiday tip: If you are listening to the Rocky Horror soundtrack at work, DO NOT say the audience response parts out loud. Especially if there is a meeting near your office.

Jenyfer Johnson

I must add a follow-on note…Chiller channel had a 72-hour marathon of horror movies this weekend that ranged from pure cheesy C-grade to the cult-status “Evil Dead” movie! My husband and I are horror movie freaks and watched off-and-on throughout the weekend. It was a guilty pleasure!!!