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Changes in 2011

My son announced last week that he was moving out on his own. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me; he’s 21 years old, he just finished up his Culinary certificate program and has a job and he’s itching to be on his own and “all grown-up” (weren’t we all at 21?). He’s moving intoRead… Read more »

What’s Everyone Doing for Halloween?

This weekend everyone will probably celebrating Halloween or Fall Festivals with family and friends. There may be house parties, block parties, candy being handed out at the malls or hospitals, haunted houses, hayrides, dances, costume contests or some people go to amusement parks for their Halloween bashes! So how do you plan to celebrate thisRead… Read more »

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m speaking to you as a Survivor, something I never thought I would be but I’m proud to say it and I want everyone to remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sure, we make jokes about “saving the Ta-Ta’s” and “yeah, I check my wife’s all the time” but let’s get serious forRead… Read more »