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Who’s Done The Best Job at Open Government?

For all you GovLoop Tweeters out there, we are asking the question, “Who is an exceptional example of Open

Government?”, for tomorrow’s State of the Union for Technology forum, hosted by The Atlantic and featuring a keynote by CTO Aneesh Chopra (more info here.) Use hashtag #soutech, and if you are planning on attending, we are encouraging a running Twitter discussion during the event using that same hashtag.

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Jenn Gustetic

I think different folks have shown different strengths thus far. It’s hard to call one “the best”. Some include:
EPA in public engagement and social media use
NASA in engaging their stakeholder base
DOL in data transparency
DOT in strategic planning and approach
Many other Departments and Agencies have specific engagements that they’ve done well before the directive that are also GREAT examples of open government and approach (TSA, HHS, etc…)

All that to say I think different folks are exhibiting different strengths, but its hard to call one “the best”–esp since we don’t know what we’re measuring against yet 🙂

David Roberts

Going to have to piggy back on Jenn’s comment and thank her for the kind nod towards DOL. I think many agencies have shown leadership in particular areas. DOT has done a ton of work to lead the way on strategic planning, and more importantly they’ve made those ideas available to other agencies. NASA continues to do outstanding work with ways to engage their stakeholders, and is showing creativity and flexibility that are tough to match. I think we’re going to see agencies continue to lead in different areas based on their missions and how they decide to focus their open government efforts internally.

Bobby Caudill

It’s good to see Jenn and David’s comments on their choices. I would like to hear more. Beyond the basics of the agency and the type of technology or approach, it would be useful to explain the outcome achieved and/or who the beneficiaries are…..

Don Goldberg

Megan– interesting to see that the leaders map up to the comments below to a large degree. would still love to here why the GovLoop folks chose the agencies that they did in the comments.