Why Teleworking is Good for Your Mental Health

Nick Carr, who criticizes the Internet while reaping the benefits of having such a great platform to push his neo-Luddite views, has published a book warning us all that online links are destroying our brains. It takes a brave person to ignore the evidence that the Internet is actually good for our brains but Carr has made a great living by being the quotable tech contrarian. But if Mr. Carr is concerned about threats to our minds, then I have news of the most diabolical threat to the modern brain.

The morning commute.

“In 2008, scientists at the University of Michigan did a very clever study illuminating how this activity led to dramatic decreases in working memory, self-control, visual attention and positive affect. Other studies have demonstrated that people who are less exposed to this activity show enhanced brain function. They are better able to focus and even recover more quickly in hospitals.” As we walk down the city street (or drive down U.S. 1), we constantly are fighting to keep our attention focused while being distracted by neon signs, people who suddenly switch direction in front of you, and that really attractive jogger. The mind is constantly scanning for dangers but we keep pulling it back to focus on our path.

Another good argument for teleworking. 🙂

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Christina Morrison

Teleworking is SO Good for your Mental Health. If I had to go back to a 3 hour plus round trip commute a day, I would be so bitter. Thank goodness, I telework

Gary Berg-Cross

@Bill Great point on the debilitating effects of the daily commute and the virtues of telecommuting.
With the time saved we can each read a good book! (OK, you can tweet if you want).