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Work Flexibility is #3 Public Sector Priority for 2015

Public sector agencies need to be more flexible in embracing and implementing smart work flexibility programs (work flex) for all eligible employees in 2015. Put simply, work flex saves time and money while increasing employee engagement, performance and productivity, as well as morale and overall job satisfaction, among other things (see list below). Work flexRead… Read more »

Future of Work for Millennials Will Be Results-Only (ROWE)

In the virtual workplace of the future many high-performing millennials will be empowered by employers to decide when, where and how they work. These employees will be responsible for setting their own hours, as well as deciding if and when to physically commute to a traditional brick-and-mortar office. That is, assuming one still exists inRead… Read more »

Best Buy Says Goodbye to ROWE as Another Work From Home Program Bites The Dust

Yahoo! may be trend setters after all – Best Buy just released it was ending its work from home program called Results Only Work Environment or ROWE (Well…sorta.) You now need your manager’s approval first. Actually, ironic considering ROWE first began at Best Buy in an effort to give the company a competitive advantage. TheRead… Read more »

ROWE’s Obituary

At least some version of telework is still available for some! Although I suspect that for the same reason(s) that ROWE experiment failed is PROBABLY the reason that Telework will continue to struggle to gain traction. Although Teleworking can still show some economic benefits for those organizations which provide more than lip service to teleworking.Read… Read more »

The Reason for ROWE Failure

The US government took on a pilot project in late 2010 Hired several consultants to not only guide the project but to evaluate the results. During the project pilot heard little from management about the progress and or issues. Heard even less after the pilot project was completed. Some 3 months after the pilot wasRead… Read more »

Reviews: Check the Box or Meaningful?

As a Human Resources professional, I have seen countless review forms in my career. Some good, some bad. Regardless, are they helpful? Some organizations have a culture that promotes reviews as a “check the box” to stop the HR person from hassling them over turning in their reviews. I worked at one organization where IRead… Read more »

Can I Show You My Injury?

As an HR professional, I cannot tell you how many times over the years I heard “Can I show you my injury?” Someone was injured at work or home and the doctor’s note wasn’t quite enough. They wanted to come into my office to SHOW me their stitches, bruises, and cuts to their body. IRead… Read more »

Can We Have a Results-Only Workforce in Government?

Yesterday I had an awesome coffee with Stacey Swanson from ROWE where we talked about the future of work in government. For those that don’t know, ROWE is a human resource management strategy wherein employees are paid for results (output) rather than the number of hours worked – it’s been already piloted at agencies likeRead… Read more »