You Are a Good Technology Leader! Yes You Are!

How is your cause or organization better because of the leadership you provide them? I really hope to hear some answers that have absolutely nothing to do with technology. Yes indeed, you and I, we are at the head of the class when it comes designing and applying technology solutions. We enjoy this fact and take pride in take in the possibilities we create through technology. Understanding how to increase our organizations capabilities comes natural to us. But then the other foot drops. Now we lead.

Technology is great and we love it, but that is not enough. Our influence manifests itself stand alone, without the use of technical jargon or vendor name-dropping. This makes applying our technology strategies and philosophy in such natural way. Yes, we are leading, and the fact we use technology to do so is implied. We understand where we are, where we are going, why we are going there as much or more than our peers. But we also know how pave path to success and march everyone down that path.

You are a good technology leader because you are focused on flying your organization to the edge of possibility and somehow you know how to land them at the correct airport terminal. This is where you set the stage to create even more possibilities. Your organization achieves because of what you do, say, think, and create. You are concise and decisive with strategies. You are aware that every outcome cannot be predicted, but you are ready to play the hand you are dealt.

You are a good technology leader, because you are good leader. However, with the tools of technology in your hands stand above other leaders.

You are good technology leader because I have not yet described what makes you stand out. You have a secret, something unique that can’t be duplicated.

You are a good technology leader! Yes you are!

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