You Know It’s Summer-time When…

1) Your “seasoned” federal workforce goes from 100% capacity to hanging by a thread with all the people taking vacation

2) the smell of a neighbor’s grill makes you HUNGRY for hotdogs

3) Will Smith’s “Summertime” song takes you back and your head bops to the beat

4) AC AC and more AC.

5) And in response, high high and higher VA Power bills!! (or whoever services your electricity)

6) the drive into work and back home isn’t quite as bad as the school buses have disappeared almost completely

7) And finally, you reminesce about your days back in grade school when you had summers off and slept in EVERY morning

People are generally happier and easy-going during summer and I just love it. Not to mention I will gladly take an evening home after work to throw something on the grill and throw back a few beers.

Rock on everyone and enjoy your summers!! I will gladly serve as your back-up for the office as long as you bring me back something cool from your trip 🙂

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Christina Morrison

Well said Nichole! Welcome Summer, it’s been a long and cold winter. I’m so happy to have you back