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Customers Come First With a Human-Centered Design Approach

Part of excellent customer service is putting people first, which is also a core component of human-centered design (HCD). HCD is a way to problem-solve, examining challenges through the eyes of the users to create digital products and services that are tailored to them and their needs.  

When organizations want to take on a HCD outlook, one of the first steps is considering what the specific challenge is that users need to have addressed. A HCD should always solve a specifi­c problem or accomplish a defined task. Narrowing the scope of what the design should do gives a clearer understanding of what the end goal should be.  

Additionally, agencies need to involve their users every step of the way to ensure their pain points are being addressed. Getting feedback with surveys or in-person meetings is essential so as to not develop a solution in a vacuum. It also leads to less troubleshooting and support needs long-term.  

Learn more about what human-centered design is and how it can be applied at your agency to problem-solve with this infographic. 

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