Finally a Conference for Me… and for YOU: NGGS

I love conferences. No seriously, I do. They give you the chance to hear from amazing people, learn new things, and meet awesome people! In my short time working full time after college, I’ve attended my share of amazing conferences, but now there’s one for young people like me..and like you.

Young Govie? Just starting out and really have no idea what you are in for? This is an exciting time in our lives, but can be seriously daunting. You may have asked yourself these very questions, I know I have.

  • I used to have so much free time. How do I balance work with my home life?
  • Workdays are long and hard. How do I stay physically and mentally healthy?
  • I’m the youngest person at my job. How do I break out of the “youngin'” mold and become a leader in my organization/agency?
  • I’ve never paid a bill in my life! How do I manage my finances?
  • I’m working hard, but am I doing this right?
  • I need a mentor. Is there anyone out there? Hello? Bueller?

I have a new acronym for you: NGGS, also known as: Next Generation of Government Summit. One awesome opportunity for you to attend a conference specifically designed for you and your needs as a new government worker.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to learn essential information and get great advice from folks who have not only been in our situation, but who have thrived!

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So now you know. Can’t wait to see you there!

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