Top 10 Millennial Posts

Just like you, we over here at First 5 are millennials trying to navigate the ups and downs of professional life. This week we have hit an important milestone in that journey and are celebrating First 5’s 100th post! Since the series started in 2015, we have covered everything from how to get an entry-level gov job, to cleaning up social media, to hacks to improve your Microsoft skills.

This list is compiled of the top ten First 5 stories to date with the most shares from readers like you:

  1. Making the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an easy way to grow your professional network. Learn how to optimize your profile and interactions to get the most out of the social site.

  1. 6 Things to do When Work is Slow

Even the most-fast paced government jobs will have off days. Here are some tips on how to stay productive when you have some free time in the office.

  1. 7 Tricks to Revolutionize Your Use of MS Excel

You can do a lot with Excel. Check out these tips and tricks to make the program a lot easier to use.

  1. 5 Tips to Combat Forgetfulness

With approximately 75 items on your to-do list at any given time, it can be easy to forget some of the smaller things. Learn how to avoid those embarrassing forgetful moments.

  1. How to Develop Your Personal Brand

Get your elevator speech ready, so you can whip it out whenever a networking opportunity arises.

  1. How to Get Your Resume Government-Ready

Your government resume is going to look a little different than one you would use in the private-sector. Learn the do’s and don’ts for preparing your resume for gov.

  1. 4 Musts for Public Speaking

Public speaking can be scary, but fortunately there are some easy tips to overcome this fear.

  1. Top 10 Millennial-Friendly Federal Agencies

Choosing the right agency as a young professional is key to a thriving federal career.

  1. You Got the Position: Now What? Nailing That First Impression

Getting the job is only the first step to a successful career. Learn how to make a great first impression once you begin your new role.

  1. Top 13 Job Lists for Government

Our most popular post with 683 shares, this blog gives you everything you need to know about scouring the top government listserves. 

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