Top 10 Millennial-Friendly Federal Agencies

first-5-icon-07It’s no secret; federal government is very concerned about attracting and keeping millennials in the public workforce. Right now, only about 16 percent of the federal workforce is made up of millenials. According to a recent report by the Government Business Council, the federal government will need to hire more than 200,000 highly skilled workers for a range of critical jobs as Baby Boomers approach retirement. To replace those retirees, we will need more millennials in government.

Fortunately, the Office of Personnel and Management’s 2014 Federal Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) revealed that millennial employees are attracted to public service because we want work that is important and beneficial to society.

To match this attraction to public service, federal agencies are more proactive now in recruiting young talent and providing career paths for millennials into public service. So what does this mean for us millennials? It means we need to be purposeful in our application processes and in selecting the agencies we work in to better serve the public.

When seeking federal agencies, look for ones that are high-ranked in engaging the young folks. Which have been rated as most millennial-friendly government agencies? Check out these top ten and keep them in mind when applying:

  1. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC): OPM consistently ranks as one of the best places to work in federal government. It scores well on all six measured indices of FEVS: Work/Life Balance, Effective Leadership, Employee Skills/Mission Match, Pay, Strategic Management, and Teamwork. Additionally, they offer a diverse range of entry-level positions.
  2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Another high ranker in best places to work in federal government, NASA provides a tremendous number of entry-level job opportunities. They offer many exciting career paths whether they’re tilted towards science, flight, data systems and analysis, or even international affairs.
  3. Federal Trade Commission (FTC): The FTC has been rated a top federal agency in employee engagement. It is a dynamic and mission-driven agency, regularly listed as one of the best places to work in federal government. The agency prides itself on excellent training, development, and professional growth for its employees.
  4. Department of Commerce (DOC): The agency strives to engage and empower developing leaders with a passion for public service. They offer a vast array of entry-level job opportunities and internships. Not only do you get to work close to the White House in this cabinet-level agency, you also get extensive exposure to leaders in both the public and private sector that you might not in other agencies.
  5. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): In 2014, FERC ranked #1 in work-life balance. FERC, which regulates prominent energy markets and environmental issues, provides excellent benefits, compensation, training, and career progression. Additionally, the average federal employee who works there can earn up to $106,000 a year.
  6. Office of Personnel Management (OPM): Under President Obama’s leadership, the federal government has taken numerous steps to help students and recent graduates join the Federal service. With USAJobs and Pathways programs, OPM helps offer clear paths to federal internships and entry-level positions for young professionals.
  7. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): A career in protecting our clean air and water is a great way to serve in a professional capacity. EPA offers a number of internships, fellowships, scholarships and post-doctoral opportunities, law fellowships, and even student contracting.
  8. Department of State: State is well known for its unique and dynamic Pathways programs, for internships, student trainees, recent graduates, and entry-level opportunities. Their programs target a wide variety of US citizens including those ranging from high school to college to graduate school at all professional academic levels. Internship opportunities can either be voluntary or paid, not to mention they offer great overseas opportunities.
  9. Department of Treasury (DoT): Many who have worked here say that DoT is an exciting place to work. Whether working at headquarters or other bureaus, there are many opportunities to have exposure to senior department staff and see the products of your labor benefit the US financial system.
  10. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: PBGC is recognized in government and on as an excellent place to work, especially for young professionals. They rank high on work/life balance, benefits, job security and advancement, and organizational culture. Student trainees can make over $16 an hour and a Financial Analyst can make almost $100,000 a year.

See more results from OPM’s most recent 2015 Federal Viewpoint Survey here. And for more tips on jumpstarting your government career, check out these resources from GovLoop:


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Boxer Regal

The Department of Treasury entails the IRS which has the most antiquated software that I have ever seen. DOS like seriously??? The tools you need to do your job are provided. You may receive a cell phone and the year 2000 called they wanted their Motorola razor back. In addition, their is no training for comprehension more checking a box of you did it…. Seeing women in management is a literal anomaly. A female manager stated you do hit a glass ceiling. A lot processes could be streamlined or put out to pasture all together. Congress outsourcing the work was great.