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GL Training – Social Media – Why It Matters & How To Do It

**Register for GovLoop Training – Social Media – Why It Matters & How to Do It**

Fortunately this year, I’ve gotten the chance to speak at a lot of conferences from federal to state/local government, from U.S to Canada, from HR to IT to Security conferences.

Since GovLoop is a social network, most people want me to talk about social media and how used in government and it’s potentially.
Over the last year, I’ve noticed that the audience is starting to break in two distinct groups:

1) The Basics – Most people have heard the terms Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But have never thought how their agency could use it to deliver their mission. And they want to learn the basics – what are the tools, how are they already being used in government, and where to start.
Often, I’ve seen speakers speak past these groups. They are already talking badges and check-ins when they haven’t even defined what Foursquare is. And honestly, their agencies haven’t even created a Facebook page so they want to start there first.
2) Best Practices/Veterans – And then there is a second group of folks. These are the people who are the communications lead, social media strategist, the smart HR person who wants to use social media. They already know the basics, they’ve already implemented some new technology in their agency but want to know more. They always ask “who is really doing this right” “what is the next thing”
Often, I’ve seen speakers provide only the basics and simple information when speaking to these veterans. This bores them to death and is not worthwhile.
Solution – So based on all that feedback, we got a great training series for ya.
We have a 2-part series on Social Media – Part 1: The Basics , Part 2: Best Practices and Case Studies. Sponsored by our friends at Microsoft who have done some cool social media work (such as Gov2Social & Townhall)
Register here – first one is Oct. 7th at 2pm EST and second one is Oct. 14th at 2pm EST
Speakers include:
Part 1
Andrew Wilson, HHS/SAMHSA
Carol Spencer, NAGW & Morris County
Mark Drapeau, Microsoft
Part 2
Kay Morrison, EPA
Kristy Fifelski, NAGW and City of Reno
Kent Cunningham, Microsoft
For those who haven’t attended, a GovLoop training event, here is the format
-Quick intro from me
-2 great speakers (1 from federal govt, 1 from state/local)
-Insight from our sponsor on the topic with a subject matter leader
-Virtual panel (15 minute rapid fire Q&A where we take your practical questions and answer them. No long boring Q&A, rapid fire)
Plus, you get a training certificate upon completion.
Hope to see ya there.

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Steve, the times conflict with my schedule, but I’d love to participate next time if you offer these sessions again. Let me know if I may be of service to you.