Gov20Radio – Brooks Bennett, Round Rock

Cool Gov 2.0 radio show with Brooks Bennett of Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock jelly co-working group
-meet at coffee shop every Friday
-bloggers, independent web developers, creative folks
-if doing municipal work, find others in your area
-those are folks consuming information
Round Rock, TX
-1 person development staff

Mobile site

2% of hits mobile is now 5-6% one year later
Mobile apps vs Mobile website
-Mobile apps is difficult because of all the development environments – Android, iphone, windows 7, bberry
-Mobile websites work great on all web browsers
-Challenge is marketing – easier to market website vs search for app on appstore
Put together 4 goals of social
-Provide additional channels of input to citizens
-Increase transparency of city processes
-Facilitate sense of community
-Reach new audience w/ city information

Go where the people are

-people pay for the services you provide
Conversations are overwhelmingly positive
Had a problem in 2007
-all departments taking photos with digital cameras but not being shared across department
-decided to share photos on flickr via “flickr groups”

There is great value in anecdotes

-Send thank you or saying something good about you online is a great “jolt” for people online…even better than statistics
-134 photographers, 1178 photos submitted that are great
-highlight photos on television and on website
Every 2 year access citizens about where people get info from Round Rock
-TV, property tax, Internet, etc
Monitor number of feeds and search terms for “Round Rock”

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Adriel Hampton

The information that Brooks shared is a great resource for anyone working to do low-cost social media outreach with internal staff – really impressive. Thanks for putting together the bullet points, Steve, and for joining the show.