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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Government Through Collaboration

A government that works together serves its people better. Yet, interdepartmental collaboration can be difficult to foster and maintain. How can departments align their objectives and start working together?

Three Thoughts As I Deck the Halls

I’ve been neglecting this blog. Too busy with holiday doings. So before I forget them, here are three quick thoughts that might deserve longer pieces…after the holidays. 1. Dashboards I’m beginning to wonder about the wisdom of all these performance “dashboards.” I understand that, in the spirit of open government, it’s good to have someRead… Read more »

Top 5 – Lessons from Online Political Campaigns for Government Agencies

I’m fascinated with online political campaigning. Personally, I think there is a lot government agencies can learn from political and advocacy groups from their online campaigning work. Last week, I spent some time with experts from both sides of the aisle – Republican online guru Jordan Raynor to Democratic RootsCamp. With the main goal ofRead… Read more »

Gov20Radio – Brooks Bennett, Round Rock

Cool Gov 2.0 radio show with Brooks Bennett of Round Rock, Texas Round Rock jelly co-working group -meet at coffee shop every Friday -bloggers, independent web developers, creative folks -if doing municipal work, find others in your area -those are folks consuming information Round Rock, TX -1 person development staff Mobile site -News -Calendar -FAQRead… Read more »