GovLoop Goes to the White House

GovLoop Goes to the White House

No…it’s not Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

But Mr. GovLoop did go to the White House recently. Thanks to one of the very fine GovLoopers who is currently detailed to the White House… I got a pretty cool
after-hours tour.

The GovLoop button was displayed proudly as I walked around plus we even got a couple buttons of GovLoop in the press release.

I’m not an avid West Wing watcher so some of this may hold true for those watching the show.

But here’s my observations of the White House:

1) It’s the perfect size – The building and every
room is perfect size. Not too big,
not too small. The whole place is
both grand and humble. I love it.

2) The Oval Office is not that big. It looks like a real office where you
can get things done. Personally,
I’ve met CEOs of companies that have had much bigger offices.

3) Apples – There is a bowl of apples in the Oval
Office. Supposedly, Obama offers
you one. Personally, I would hate
to eat an apple in front of him as the juices always seem to fall on my shirt.

4) Everything is close together – The Roosevelt
room, cabinet room, and Oval Offices are all right next to each other. Not even down the hall…literally just a
few feet away.

5) Digital photos – There were beautiful photos all
over the White House. Just epic
photos. One thing I thought was
interesting is that I saw two digital frames with digital photos. I’m not sure I approve.

Anyone else been to the White House lately? Thoughts?

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I went to the White House last Christmas…was very surprised to see how small the rooms were…TV cameras does add ten pounds (if you know what I mean).

Amanda Blount

That is very awesome! Both of my kids have gone, but I have not. I plan to fix that this summer while I am in VA for 4 months. ๐Ÿ™‚

Candace Riddle

Never been, but digital photo frames do make a bit of sense. I laughed when I read this; recalling the President’s demands to keep his Blackberry. Hey…if they support digital photo frames…they’re probably into things like GovLoop too ๐Ÿ™‚

Stephen Peteritas

Just a thought but how long do you think it will be before we say out with the old and in with the new when it comes to the White House? With things progressing as fast as they are these days with technology what is the tipping point for when it just makes more sense to build something brand new instead of constantly updating. Just a random thought.

Andrea Schneider

I had a West Wing after hours tour and was equally amazed. As our group was taken from room to room we were told all kinds of insider information like, the bust outside the Oval Office was placed slightly left or right depending on Nancy Regan’s mood of the day.
I was amazed at all the art and history in each room and standing on the same floors, in the same rooms, as people I’ve read about throughout history. It feels like a real working office and I felt so lucky to have that “A” pass, even for a little while.
I will say it was an awesome experience, very small group, and a special moment in time for me.


It’s been years since I visited the White House. I’ve been told that Obama updates the photos on the walls in the hallways weekly.