GovLoop Survey – Who Is Your Favorite Public Servant?

The results are in and your favorite public servant in a landslide is….Barack Obama.

Specifically, the results were:
Barack Obama – 58.5%
Colin Powell – 16.9%
Anonymous Govie – 10.8%
Current/Past Boss – 9.2%
David Walker – 4.6%

While we still are in the honeymoon phase, it is inspiring to see the power of Obama. I think he has a real chance to re-energize current public servants and bring a whole new crop of talented folks to government. The timing is right to emphasize the importance of government institutions and the value of working for them. In this time of crisis, I think the country is starting to realize the need for top-notch gov’t.

As JFK said: “Let the Public Service be a proud and lively career. And let every man and woman who works in any area of national government, in any branch, at any level be able to say with pride and with honor in future years, I work for the United States Government in an hour of our nation’s needs.”

Personally, I would vote for a lot of anonymous govies. In only 5 years, I’ve met a number of people who do great work and don’t ask for anything. They aren’t famous and most aren’t even “famous for government.” But people who know they are – if you do good work and are good to people, word gets around.

And a final shout-out to my current/past bosses – I’ve been amazingly fortunate to work with such gems who put up with me doing crazy things like starting Young Gov’t Leaders, launching GovLoop, speaking at conferences, and generally not knowing my role (you’re a GS-X – be quiet and sit in the corner)

This week’s question: Who is Your Mentor?

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