GovLoop’s A Year in Review

2015 has been an amazing year. In 2009, we had 20,000 GovLoop members. Today, I’m proud to say that number is over 250,000 members. And we are serving you in bigger and better ways.

In April, we launched GovLoop Academy with more free on-demand training courses. And we’ve grown our staff to provide more free resources and online trainings. In fact, we grew so much that we had to move to a new office.

Here are some of my favorite highlights of what GovLoop’s accomplished.

21 guides: We covered a huge variety of topics, (like GIS tech, citizen engagement and cybersecurity) and highlighted hundreds of case studies.

34 GovLoop Academy courses: Yes, we just launched GovLoop Academy. Yes, there are already 34 on-demand courses you can take.

55 featured bloggers: We launched our featured blogger program in 2014. This year we brought in even more voices from federal, state and local government to blog every week about their challenges and projects.

60 online trainings: In 2014 we held 46 free online trainings. This year we had even more!

95 NextGen speakers: In July we hosted the largest Next Generation of Government Training Summit yet!

252 Daily Awesome Newsletters Sent: Because government is doing awesome things everyday. And who doesn’t need some daily inspiration.

1,425 community blog posts: Anyone can blog on GovLoop, not just featured bloggers. And blog you did.

2,500 tweets sent: If email’s not your thing, you should definitely follow us on social media. We’re sharing our most popular blogs and resources and live tweeting our events #GLtrain.

9,400 Knope vs. Pope quizzes taken: – We asked a very important question: Which public servant is your alter ego from TV’s top gov shows?

42,000 comments: We call ourselves the Knowledge Network for Government. And we’re happy you’re learning and growing from other govies around the world.

50,000 online training attendees: We didn’t host 60 online trainings this year for nothing. Over 50k logged on to participate!

100,000 stickers sent: We know you’re not red tape. And we have a sticker to prove it. We send stickers every week to our members to show them how much we appreciate them.

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