GovLoop’s Latest on Government Culture During COVID-19

In this time of crisis, operating business as usual won’t cut it. That means more empathy, more resilience, more mindfulness, more communication and more breaks. Public servants have committed to continue essential operations at this time, so how are they doing so while coping?

It’s OK to Ask for Help

“I love what a wise leader told me a few weeks ago: This is not business as usual; this is business as best we can. Yes, the mission is still intact, but it should not be achieved at the expense of your team’s health and well-being. It’s during times of crisis that employees need an environment where it is not only OK — but regularly communicated and demonstrated — that they can and should ask for help.” Read the full blog

Overcoming Culture Problems When Teleworking

“If you have worked in human resources for some time (both in private and public sectors) like me, then you are asking why more organizations aren’t [teleworking] already. The answer lies in your culture. For example, your organization may be hitting all the right bells as it pertains to public policy but lacking sorely in the areas of employee development and, hence, workplace culture. Culture is not free popcorn or coffee or blue jean Fridays. Culture is regular communication with your staff – all of your staff, not just a few of those deemed ‘essential.’” Read the full blog

Building Empathy to Address Critical Talent Gaps

“Every organization has a culture that shapes behavior and drives performance. In the most empathetic organizations, the culture is intentionally shaped and managed. Leaders prioritize creating a workplace where people-centered behaviors are recognized and rewarded. And individuals are consistently recognized for delivering empathetic customer experience. By intentionally creating cultures that inspire engagement and commitment, high empathy organizations improve outcomes through high-quality employee experience.” Read the full blog

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