Recommended Reading: Life as a Teleworker

Welcome to the new normal. With the current pandemic, many people in the public sector are teleworking full time for the first time. With that in mind, we are sharing links to articles that might make it easier to adjust to this remote work environment.

March 18

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Updated: Are You in Limbo About Your Telework Status?
“Despite clear calls from public officials for people to refrain from large social gatherings, keep school-aged children home and work remotely to the extent possible, many government employees remain in limbo about their options to work from home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.”
– GovLoop

Q&A: How Can I Manage Well Remotely?
“For larger meetings…we’ll have a channel in our Slack where people will be able to comment on what we’re talking about and make jokes and post a funny picture that’s relevant. It helps keep everybody focused on what we’re actually saying, kind of counterintuitively.”
– GovLoop

How to Work From Home, if You’ve Never Done It Before
“Even introverts who work in an office can suffer from isolation at suddenly being moved home.”
– GovLoop

Suddenly working at home? We’ve done it for 22 years—and have advice
“…It makes a huge difference having everyone working remotely. It’s the same kind of bonding via shared experience that takes place in a physical office, only virtually.”
– Ars Technica

The federal government may be about to engage in the biggest telework experiment yet. But hacking and other cyber dangers pose serious challenges.
“If U.S. adversaries such as Russia or Iran creep inside government computer networks, they could disrupt efforts to mitigate the virus by stopping or slowing down communications.”
– The Washington Post’s Cybersecurity 202

Four ways to help prevent loneliness while you’re social distancing
“…So canceling church, school, work and sports means we are doing something that can be hazardous to our health — in order to save lives.”
– The Washington Post

Keyword: POLICY
Gov. Ivey to authorize agencies to implement telework
“‘Effective on Monday, March 16, I will be authorizing agency directors to implement telework, flexible work schedules and practice social distancing for the next three weeks,’ Ivey tweeted Sunday.”
– WTVY.com

Attacks on DOD Networks Soar as Telework Inflicts ‘Unprecedented’ Loads
“As DOD scrambles to find equipment for those who can work from home, Pentagon leaders tell personnel: ‘No hand-shaking, no high-fives,’ and clean your workstations.”
– DefenseOne

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