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GovLoop’s Latest: The COVID-19 Impact on Work

You’re not here for our medical advice, and that’s a good thing, since that’s not really our cup of tea. When looking at how organizations have adjusted to work during COVID-19, however, we’ve done quite a bit of research. Check it out.

How Is Government Modernizing Recruiting?

Now’s the day even government has started online interviews and recruiting because of the pandemic. That comes with pros and cons.

Pros: Broader talent pool, no geographical confinement, inclusion

Cons: No in-person feel, tough to virtually assess some positions, total revision of process

Here are some tips experts offered for recruiters and hiring managers to consider.

  1. Are you using social media?
  2. Are your recruiters representative of your organization?
  3. Can you expand the opening to people who aren’t in the region?

Are You Ready to Return to the Office?

Ready or not, here it comes – well, possibly. This post examines the landscape of regulations and standards around office callbacks and explains why it’s so hard to know where you fit in.

Lessons in Change Management: From 9/11 to Technology Adoption

In the Harvard Business Review, Robert Schaffer wrote that “all management is change management.” True! But some managerial situations are more change-oriented than others.

Successful change management has two parts, Timothy Groh, a former hijacking coordinator for the FBI, writes.

Leadership is about helping people deal with change. Management deals with things that need to get done.

Groh lays out three areas that need to be in tip-top shape for successful change to occur. They are:

  • Flexibility and adaptability: The first time’s always the hardest.
  • Trust: Know who you’re working with, and build trust ahead of disaster.
  • Communication: If you’re not overcommunicating, you’re doing it wrong.

How NIH Has Responded to the Challenge of COVID-19 Data

Working with COVID-19 data can get pretty in the weeds. But if you’re interested in learning how it all works, learn from the top, the National Institutes of Health. There’s even an easy video to follow.

Some general tips for data: know what you have, collect with a purpose, standardize across functions.

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