Grow, Grow, Grow

Peter DiGiammarino, CEO of Compusearch, likes growth. In fact, it may be more accurate to say he loves it. In this vide
o, Peter outlines some of the elements key in helping companies who may be “performing well, but not up to their potential, grow to see that potential.” Throughout the 12 or so minutes he speaks on the topic of growth, he describes why maintaining a strong team is paramount to this growth, and why it is essential to have that team be comprised of individuals who are motivated to do the right thing because they see what the right thing is to do. Finally, he stresses that in a time of frustration, it can be prudent to “helicopter above.” Looking at the situation at large can help to identify all factors; appropriate measures can then be taken and the team can continue to move forward.

Listen here and fast forward to minutes 27:17 – 39:25. Enjoy!

For more of Peter’s wisdom and insight, check out this article on “what problem do you solve for whom and how.”

Want to learn even more? Meet Peter in person and listen to him speak on how to use your network to grow a career in professional services. -> Peter is speaking at the Young AFCEA Bethesda council Professional Development series on February 24th in Arlington, VA (metro-accessible). Sign up here!

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