How to Give Back

As we’ve launched the AwesomeGov fund, I’ve started thinking the best way GovLoop could give back.

There are some clear options where one way is to give money…

The other is to give time.

Usually pick one or the other..I think we should do both.

What do you think? How do you give back?

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Keith Moore

Hi Steve.

For a little over one year, our firm has donated time and invested money in advancing this very worth while not for profit Multi Media Training Institute (MMTI). We have developed a pilot project called Whats Up Government. This production was filmed by the program’s youth.

MMTI is a DC based not for profit organization teaching urban youth ages 14-21 on multi media, filming, editing and web development. To view their website
Open Government is seeking funding support to recruit college youth as interns to work with the youth from the program.

In all that we do, we believe we must support our urban youth and ensure that they are engaged in the conversation. The website represents a years worth of productions that we developed and made a significant change in the projects that we have engaged including:

Census 2010
Broadband initiative
Washington DC DC Cares
The digital cable campaign
NASA youth in science

If we are funded, we would bring our cameras out at every Open Government Directive related event and bring some of the young people. They too should understand Open Government as they are our future and our future is now.

Thanks for the considerations.