How-To: Fold a Suit and Dress Shirt for Suitcase (Video)

I’ve had some issues lately with luggage having to get checked or getting lost and re-routed without me.

So I’m determined to pack lighter and use a suit case that fits on any plane. I did a quick search on YouTube and found this awesome video. In 2:30, I obtained just the lesson in folding I needed. Time to get packing!
Do you have packing tips to share?

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Carol Davison

Wow! As a woman I pack silk tshirts to wear with my suits so all the intricate shirt folding was foreign to me. I normally WEAR the suit so it looks good when I get there. I also learned from Mary Anne Mobley (suitcase packing was the talent that won her Miss America. And here I was wasting my time on opera!) on tv to fold one jacket sholder inside out over the other and then in half at the waist. I always do so with my jackets when packing, laying across restaurant seats, etc because it helps retain shape and cleanliness.

Candace Riddle

This rocks!! As a woman shoes are always my problem. Especially on long trips with formal events. I always end up with a whole bag of shoes! Luckily my super AWESOME mentor here at NIGP told me to color coordinate my entire wardrobe for longer trips. For instance, pack a theme, all black and white, or all red and blue…whatever. Then you can mix and match pieces and only have to take a few pairs of shoes…WOOOLAH…shoe problem solved…as well as those pesky bag fees…(p.s. Southwest Airlines is the only airline that does not charge bag fees, change fees, etc.). If you have to fly on another airline…UPS now offers baggage service. Ship your bag ahead of time and have it waiting at your hotel when you arrive…cheaper and it won’t get lost (hopefully). HAPPY TRAVELS.

The roll totally works if nomading around Europe for two to three months at a time. I used that practice in my days as a nomad.

Judy Connelly

These are really great packing solutions. I love the air in the plastic bag to keep from crushing the suite. Thanks so much for sharing this!