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Utah’s Service Management Solution Saves Millions

New citizen expectations, evolving cybersecurity threats and workforce demographics put growing pressure on state and local governments to modernize legacy technology. The goal? Provide better government services in the most cost-effective and secure manner.

To achieve this goal, many state and local agencies are consolidating infrastructure, applications and resource silos. Leaders in these agencies recognize that consolidated and shared services can increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve services. With less time required to maintain legacy infrastructure, the IT organization can focus on strategic priorities that speed innovation.

In Utah, the Department of Technology Services’ (DTS) mission is to enable partner agencies to securely leverage technology to better serve Utah residents. However, by relying on separate solutions for finance, HR and other related functions, the organization spent valuable time and resources on customization and ongoing maintenance instead of its core focuses — innovative technology, exceptional customer service, employee success and information security.

The department turned to a platform that could streamline operations and channel its resources more effectively. DTS implemented ServiceNow’s IT service management (ITSM) platform to gain more control of hardware devices, improve billing processes and enhance compliance with standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The outcomes were plenty. The organization:

  • saved $3 million upfront and an additional $1.2 million annually
  • reduced the number of requests and support calls by 80%
  • improved compliance and security with NIST asset management standards aimed at security
  • improved billing accuracy, increased the number of billable assets, (that is, assets for which you might charge customers when used) and gained efficiency with new asset management capabilities and processes built on the ServiceNow platform

“People know where to go for all their issues associated with IT support, whether it’s purchasing a new laptop or getting help with a password or buying software,” said Dave Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer for the state of Utah. “And since it’s all cloud-based, it’s accessible online and through mobile devices.”

For more case studies, access Service Now’s “Innovation Nation: State and Local Leaders Move Modernization Forward” report here.

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