Join Our Study: Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Government Strategy

Join Our Survey: Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Government Strategy

The GovLoop team needs your help. We are currently working on a report, Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Government Strategy, and would be appreciative if you could take 10 minutes to take our survey to help with the research in our report.

Below you will find the report abstract:

Today, government is pressed to find new ways to operate and modernize services. With that, agencies are looking to define a clear and concise digital strategy. In this report, we explore what it means to be cutting edge and innovative in the public sector through a well defined digital strategy. Whether it be through a mobile initiative, implementing cloud computing, or driving decisions through data, this report explores and provides a framework for a 21st century model of governance, with emerging technology leading the way. We listen to the government community, identify case studies, and talk with industry experts to develop what it truly means to implement a digital strategy. Along the way, we provide tactical solutions to help meet government’s most pressing challenges.

Can you take 10 minutes to complete our survey? Your ideas will help us to develop a resource that will help you and your peers do your job better, and work collaboratively to solve your most pressing challenges. Your ideas will shape our report and identify:

  • What it means to have a comprehensive digital government strategy
  • Emerging technology trends for government
  • Identify best practices for innovation in the public sector
  • Case studies and success stories from agencies implementing a digital strategy
  • Your success implementing a digital government strategy

This is your chance to share your ideas to improve government and help your peers solve similar challenges. All data collected in this survey will remain anonymous. Any direct quotes used within the survey will remain anonymous and will be attributed as “survey participant.”

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more information on technology related GovLoop resources, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Have you heard about GovLoop’s rewards program? By taking this survey, you will earn 1 credit towards our VIP rewards program. You can learn more by visiting our information page on GovLoop Training Rewards Program.

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