Live Chat 12/2: Panama City Using Google Tech to Open Gov for Citizens.

The City of Panama City, Florida has become a leader in promoting open government but how?

Citizens of Panama City don’t even have to go to city hall to attend city meetings. Using Google city network administrator Richard Ferrick has made Panama City a shining example of open gov’t.

Using Google the the city uploads all city meeting in real time to stream on to your phone, computer or ipads. The video is also archived and easily searchable by item numbers to get to to the point of the meeting you actually want to rewatch.

You can learn more about how Panama City is promoting open government with Google’s web-based email and collaboration applications plus its own YouTube channel next week. Join Richard Ferrick, network administrator for Panama City, in a live chat on GovLoop on Thursday, December 2 at 2pm ET / 11am PT to learn more. Here’s the link to the event so you can RSVP:

Check out the news story below to hear more about the awesome thing Panama and Google are doing in open gov and be sure to mark your calendar for 12/2!

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Okechukwu Ohanyido

Hi Stephen, this is great! I am currently working on a similar project …not for a city, but for higher institutions. This goes to show that there is no barrier to information access when eGov is appropriately applied. Thanks.