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One of the foundational books for Gov 2.0 has been Wikinomics – How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by authors Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams.

Launched in December 2006, co-authors Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams were extremely critical for the beginnings of the Gov 2.0 movement examples such as
-Chris Dorobek brought Don Tapscott to one of his conferences where I remember sitting with CIOs like EPA Molly O’Neill, Intellipedia’s Chris Rasmussen, and NAPA’s Frank Digiammarino about how we could apply this to government
-Don and Anthony launched a Gov 2.0 research program in 2008
-Critical to launch of NAPA Collaboration Project and some of initial seed programs like OMB Federal IT Dialgoue
-Helped set the stage with Bush administration IT leaders on innovation + career staff on the possibilities
Fast-forward a few years late and it is time for Macrowikinomics – Rebooting Business and the World. It’s hard for me to give much better feedback than when CEOs of Nike, Best Buy, and Accenture love it.
Here’s my 5 thoughts on the book

1) Get your read on – this is not your light fluffy business book with one idea and 5 examples that you read in 1 hour on a plane. 400+ pages – This is deep, dense, and really good stuff.

2) Rebooting the Public Square – Love this series of chapters focusing on the public square and government (yes I’m biased because they feature GovLoop). Got some great examples on how to make this change
3) A Great Primer for Boss/Colleagues – For avid readers of Gov 2.0, you may have already heard some of examples (Ushahidi, GovLoop, Intellipedia, etc)….but I think giving this book to other people in your organization can help ideas spread. I gave the original Wikinomics to my boss and boss boss and they both loved it. Same ideas I had been preaching but seeing it in the form of a book with lots of other leaders saying it is awesome….works a lot better
4) Stealing Ideas from Others – As an avid government follower, of course I loved the public square chapter as it was issues I cared about. But honestly, I probably learned more in the other chapters where I knew less – there were some great lessons learned from thinking about finance, health, and climate change that helped broaden my thinking on the issues.
5) Love the rules at end for leaders
Turn your good or service into a platform that others can use to create new value.
Thoughtfully assess what should be shared versus kept in-house.
Embrace self-organization and empower innovation.
Support the vanguard of enthusiasts.
Use a meritocracy to support collaboration versus hierarchy.
Leverage the Net Generation
Want more? This Thursday at 2pm we will be having a live chat with co-author of Anthony WIlliams on the book, innovation in government, and how to reboot the public square. He will take your questions in an interactive dialogue RSVP here
Thanks to our partner Google for helping us put on this live chat. As Google CEO said
“Tapscott and Anthony Williams’ insights about the power of collaborative innovation and open systems, and their call to ‘reboot’ our institutions – usiness, education, media, government – hasn’t come a minute too soon. Macrowikinomics inspires by chronicling these pathbreaking developments and pointing the way forward for all of us.”
–Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

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Lisa Nelson

Vivek Kundra wrote a great article for the spring 2009 GSA newsletter Transparency and Open Government. His article, “Building the Digital Public Square” talks about his work
to open up the District of Columbia government and his vision to recreate the public
square, bringing people closer to their government . Check it out on Scribd page 36 http://www.scribd.com/doc/14101263/Transparency-000.