Top 5 things you missed at the GovUps

It’s obvious government rocks and I was able to see just how much govies are rocking it all over the country during GovLoop’s first ever GovUp tour presented by the General Services Administration/ Federal Acquisition Service.

15 airports, 1 train ride, 1 minivan adventure and 16,000+ miles later the GovUp Tour 2010 has come to an end.

Top 5 things you missed (or didn’t) at the GovUps:

1) Networking and Collaboration are key. Some cities understand the value of networking while others got a taste of it during the GovUp. All in all it is a solid conclusion that getting to know other govies dealing with similar challenges helps you solve problems and stay sane.

2) CTO’s are funny! Both Bill Schrier (Seattle CTO) and Allan Frank (Philly CTO) brought knowledge and humor during their talks about awesome things that are happening in their cities.

3) GSA employees know their stuff! In each city GSA had the opportunity to share a little bit about their services and I learned something new from each of them…including their programs for state and local.

4) Congressman Quigley likes the Simpsons. In Chicago, Congressman Quigley challenged a group of us to list 10 reasons why he is not running for the Mayor of Chicago using quotes or situations from the Simpsons only.

5) GovUps have groupies! Shout out to our 3 city GovUp Rockstars: Nick Tzitzon, Bronner Group (San Fran, Chicago & NYC) & Patrick Slattery, Canopach (Philly, NYC & Boston) – It was great having familiar faces along the way!

To read more on all the GovUps, our speakers and how to get one in your city check out the GovUp Page with all the fun info!

If you were able to join us at a GovUp, What was your favorite moment or key take-away?

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