Missouri Reaches Out To Public For Cost Cutting Ideas

Thanks to my hometown newspaper and a tweet from Dominic Campbell I stumbled across the fact that Missouri state senators have thrown up their hands and are now reaching out to the public for ideas to cut the budget.

This is actually a really smart idea if you’re an elected official… no one wants to see cuts but we all know they have to happen. By allowing ideas to come from citizens lawmakers A) could get some really good idea from people on the ground and B) distance themselves from the cost cutting ideas.

I know Missouri isn’t the only state that’s having budget problems. I would love to see a great idea come from the Missouri citizens and force other states to adopt this idea of allowing citizens a more hands on gov’t experience.

Missouri citizens can submit ideas by going to this site and the best part is ideas can be submitted anonymously which will allow people to really shoot for the stars on idea without fear of any repercussions.

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Tim Evans

Betcha the get really good, original stuff like “reduce fraud, waste, and abuse” and “don’t pay benefits to the illegals we haven’t already kicked out.”