New GovLoop T-Shirt Design

When GovLoop team members head out to happy hours or conferences there’s always one thing that people want the green Gov’t Rockstar T-shirt. Yes we know they are awesome. (side note if you want to score a Gov’t Rockstar T-shirts you can here). BUT we like to try new things at GovLoop so we are looking for a new t-shirt design.

We tried a lot of different designs so we’re low key design wise and some of choices were a little bolder but in the end we went with something that’s been big in the t-shirt business before. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the awesomeness that is the 3 Wolf Moon t-shirt, well allow me to present the 3 Steve Moon GovLoop t-shirt.

It’s obviously the Picasso of t-shirt design but if you haven’t figured it out THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. Even though I seriously actually want to make these shirts. We decided to go a little more tame than last year’s joke of announcing that the community was shutting down (board members didn’t think it was funny).

Since this is a joke and Steve’s a fun loving guys I might as well post the drafts of other designs we cranked out.

This first one was a close second:

This one might be the most ridiculous:

And for anyone that really knows Ressler knows he loves bobbleheads:

I hope that you guys got a laugh out of this and I also hope that Steve doesn’t kill me. Enjoy April Fools!

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Sam Snead

Someone has a fascination with unicorns. LOL! Maybe you can develop a t-shirt with you taming a Liger (Lion-Tiger).

Carol Davison

How about less obviously white guy in Super Govie blue tights and leotard with a red cape with an SG emblem on the chest, and a lance, sitting on a white stallion battling a dargon labled budget, red tape, bureaucracy, unemployment, inflation or what have you with CHARGE! written across the bottom? The unicorns are a little girlie for this woman.

Jana Opperman

I’m so tired of black T-shirts-said the Mom of metalhead sons. (And red ones from the union!) It’s so nice to see the originals were in green! I really like the green unicorn tho’ so maybe put it on a pink t-shirt NOT. LOL

Terry Payne

I assume you’re watching your back today for any friendly retaliation. Unicorns and wolves? What next, Strawberry Shortcake?

Stephen Peteritas

yes I’m watching my back but I’m expecting a barrage at some point today from one of the many office nerf guns


My vote… Ressler’s face on this:

Because, really, the only thing more awesome than a ninja, pirate, zombie, or unicorn, is a ninja-pirate riding a zombie-unicorn!

Jeff Ribeira

See, you call that one with the unicorns and wolf ridiculous- I call it epic! Btw, awesome picture @Tara*. Wasn’t that on shirt.woot or threadless or something like that? Looks kind of familiar…

And for those not familiar with the legend and internet phenomenon that is 3 Wolf Moon, here’s the link (just read some of the more popular comments below…):

Sarah Ressler Wright

The wolf design makes me think “Team Steve!” shirts are in order. But I created my own design, based off a poster my husband and I made for Steve a few years ago for Xmas. We both agreed that Steve looks uncannily like James Corbourn in the “In Like Flint” movies so…enjoy and Happy April Fools to my little bro Steve :).