New Year’s Resolutions and You

New year-new you, right? According to this post in History of the Holidays, New Year’s Resolutions date back to the Roman era. Babylonians began the tradition in March, but it was the Romans who brought the new tradition to the beginning of the year. The Romans made the change to January because January is named for Janus, “the two-faced god who looks backwards into the old year and forwards into the new.”

To help you set and successfully achieve your work resolutions this year, here is a quick recap of some of the fun and educational posts to inspire you from GovLoop!

How to Achieve an Awesome 2016 Career Resolution

Balancing your professional and personal worlds is no easy task. Oftentimes, our resolutions consist of bettering ourselves personally (like losing that holiday weight we all just gained). However, taking on two different types of resolutions, that are more directed to one world or another, is important for one’s overall health. So, whether or not you have already taken on one resolution-try on another for size. Hannah Moss, Researcher and Writer at GovLoop, suggests a few professional changes for 2016. Among them are finding a new mentor, raising your profile, learning a new skill, getting in the boy’s club and landing a new promotion or raise.

4 Tips to Get Hired This New Year

If one of your resolutions is to get promoted or hired for that job you’ve been eyeing read this post by our very own President of Govloop, Steve Ressler. He brings an extensive knowledge of hiring and recruiting and gives everyone four quick and easy tips that could boost your chances for getting hired this year: learn to write directly, get a great referral, update your LinkedIn profile and look for growth in organizations.

The Force Awakens: New Year’s Business Tips

No one should get lost in the clout that could lead to your own Dark Side of life. Here are some great Star Wars themed tips on how to re-focus your efforts in your work life to get where you need and want to be. From building strong workplace coalitions to leading your own rebellion, you may become the next General Leia or Finn!

Managing the Work Life Balance: The Benefits of Working in Federal Government

Maybe another one of your resolutions is to give back to your community and what better way to do so than to work for the federal government? Government work may not be as lucrative as other jobs, but there are several reasons why working for the federal government could be a great fit for you! Some of the benefits include a form of flexibility with work schedules, the ability to telework and use of pre-established support programs that help manage employees’ well-being. All three are great for helping find the work-life balance that we all require.

 How to Take the First Step and Start Something New

As resolutions begin to pile up, we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed. We had so much planned and still so much to do. So how can we better prepare ourselves mentally to help us take the first step in fulfilling our desired intentions? Facing the fear of starting something new, being realistic about the desired outcome, making the new challenge a priority and then getting started are some simple methods to kick-start the process!

Whether you take on a new challenge in a new environment or in the one you are currently in remember that the new year is the opportune time to better yourself-in all areas of your life!


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