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New Year’s Resolutions and You

New year-new you, right? According to this post in History of the Holidays, New Year’s Resolutions date back to the Roman era. Babylonians began the tradition in March, but it was the Romans who brought the new tradition to the beginning of the year. The Romans made the change to January because January is namedRead… Read more »

Celebrating 365 Days of Women in Government

Happy Anniversary!  About this time last year, I was sitting in a meeting with other GovLoop staffers thinking through ways we could better serve our audience of over 200,000 public servants. We talked about what challenges they face and how we could help them overcome barriers. We talked about what govies wanted from public service and how we could achieve whateverRead… Read more »

Creating a Data Culture with the Department of Commerce

At GovLoop’s Tuesday How to Optimize Your Open Data event, the morning kicked off with an animated delivery by Mike Kruger, a recent feature in our Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution guide. For the past four years, Kruger has been working as the Director of Digital Engagement for the Department of Commerce to createRead… Read more »

Lee on Redaction Failures in PACER

Timothy B. Lee of the Princeton University Department of Computer Science and Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) has posted Studying the Frequency of Redaction Failures in PACER, on the CITP’s blog, Freedom to Tinker. In this post, Mr. Lee reports on research respecting documents from the U.S. federal courts’ PACER database. Using customized software,Read… Read more »