Recap from CityCamp Ignite Sessions

Completing the 5 Ignite Session

Jen from Code for America – kicked us off…how do we get people to connect, collaborate, vote…Code for America – cool hackers, cool cities…better cities. Teach for America for you

New Orleans Data – awesome story of how worked with local govs to get data out around Katrina working with local municipalities. lots of hard work and leg work to get real buyin…

Microsoft dude – talked about their approach…Edmonton is using…

Kevin Curry – crushed it. talked about how changed va beach lame it was and working with city to make it awesome. in right formats and api.

OpenId – team of rivals – open source plus all big companies…open ID protocol. Fed govt in process of accepting openID standard to work with citizens. Level 1 integration. Since Sep, 6 pilot programs primarily at NIH. Google, MS, Yahoo, Verisign, FB, and bunch of other people and want to support open initiatives…very successful at technical level. OpenID 2.0 technical profile. Policy profile – privacy guarantees..that comes as result of 8 years of work at chief privacy officers. After gov….going to PBS and NPR stations…

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