Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: What You Need to Know

The private sector has done amazing things in the digital sphere, personalizing customers’ experiences and providing interactive services. But today, that means a high bar has been set for government services. Citizens now expect a similar personalized and interactive experience from government agencies as well.

And while the public sector has made huge strides in creating digital services and experiences, it is still figuring out how to make those digital services customer-centric – that is, creating a digital experience that is tailored and personalized to each citizen. Today, government is at the dawn of a new kind of experience, one that capitalizes on the best of the mass media and private-sector marketplace models, one that consciously puts the experience first.

Today, government finally has the ability to create truly engaging and personal experiences for all citizens at all levels of governments, whether they’re engaging with one or 1 million constituents. But to truly achieve this digital transformation, governments must become customer-centric. This means a way of interacting with citizens such that government provides a positive customer experience before and after any transaction in order to drive efficiency, loyalty and great outcomes for the public good.

This new pocket guide from GovLoop will give you an overview of a customer-centric approach when it comes to digital services in the public sector, why it matters and case studies and steps for development that will help you get to where you need to be.