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Driven By Experience: Your Guide to Revolutionizing Document and Signature Processes

By prompting federal agencies to digitize citizen services and improve customer experience (CX), the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) also hopes to generate momentum for similar outcomes at state and local organizations. One of the most immediate ways to address this initiative is the addition of digital workflows and electronic signatures to existing document and form processes.

Digital workflows and electronic signatures create greater efficiency, but offices at every level are struggling to modernize, and citizen experiences are suffering because of it. Without a blueprint for success, the gap between current government processes and IDEA’s vision for tomorrow continues to grow.

Labor-intensive, manual workflows demand more time, energy and physical activity from both parties and decrease satisfaction with every interaction. And yet, the transition to 100% digital document processes looms like a dark cloud over government, despite knowing that this transition would help agencies solve many of these problems.

Luckily, new strategies are surfacing that make digital transformation more accessible to government agencies. By enhancing existing digital processes that use PDFs and online forms, governments can immediately address their digitalization goals by leveraging their existing software investments.

At the same time, it’s more essential than ever for governments to prioritize security. With modern safeguards like data encryption, advanced security controls and reinforced user authentication, digitized documents and forms increase safety and transparency. By converting to digital workflows, sensitive information is less likely to end up in the wrong hands, while those same documents become easier to track for the relevant people within your organization.

Ultimately, document digitization is a driver for government progress. By removing manual work from everyday review and approval processes, tasks that once took days can be completed in hours. With increased collaboration between workforces and faster service delivery on the line, now is the time for agencies to recognize digital document transformation as the key to delighted citizens and positive experiences for all.

Modernization isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean implementing these new technologies is out of reach. In this guide, you will find best practices, case studies and steps for integrating end-to-end digital document solutions into your organization. By giving agencies the tools they need to complete IDEA’s mission, governments will be able to think beyond just going paperless, and put the citizen experience front and center.