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Emerging Tech of 2019: In Brief

There’s so much to keep track of in the world of emerging technologies. It’s in the name after all, as the technologies are emerging all of the time, carved out of new and old inventions. GovLoop wrote an in-depth guide dedicated to describing the biggest trends for the year ahead, but it can be tough to cut out a chunk off your day to learn all about them. Or maybe you just want a survey of the emerging tech landscape that are coming, without worrying too much about all of the ins and outs.

For whatever reason, you deserve a simple breakdown of the new digital coworkers that you’ll see filtering into your offices. As such, GovLoop, produced this report, “Emerging Tech of 2019: In Brief” that lets you learn the basics. Like the full-length guide, this In Brief includes definitions, stats and case studies, but they’re all distilled for your ease of reading.

After all, emerging technologies are cropping up all the time. Spend too much time with your nose in a report and you could miss the next one.