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Emerging Technology of 2019: Meet Your New Digital Coworkers

The movie “I, Robot” premiered in 2004, forecasting a future in which robots and humans perform tasks side-by-side by the year 2035. In the film, robots replace humans in myriad jobs from mundane tasks to human care.

It’s not 2035 yet, but mankind already has robots in homes and offices – even if the ones you see in government have not yet taken on the humanlike lineaments that futuristic movies guessed. In your house, there might be a robotic vacuum cleaner. In your government office, automated voices answer calls and chatbots respond to online inquiries.

Emerging technologies can reduce Department of Motor Vehicles wait times and tiresome but necessary paperwork. This isn’t the future; this is now. Robots and humans are working together in government offices, and technology is expanding to reduce employees’ workload. Downloading this guide, you can learn to look for these technologies at a government office near you, or maybe even at your own. These are your digital coworkers.