How to Improve Your CX Strategy

Creating a stellar experience for customers who interact with your agency is about more than tracking metrics and checking boxes. At its core, an excellent customer experience (CX) provides a seamless, pleasant, and efficient end-to-end journey — for the veteran searching for benefits information online, to the individual waiting in line to be served at a local office, or the taxpayer reaching out to your agency’s call center.

These interactions — and the outcomes they produce — are the difference between outstanding and poor customer experiences.

To help agencies build on their current efforts around CX, GovLoop partnered with ForeSee, a leader in omnichannel customer experience analytics for web, mobile, contact centers, and more, to produce this report. ForeSee partners with agencies to help them advance their mission, improve customer satisfaction and lower costs. In this report, we discuss:

• Current customer experience challenges and how agencies can address them strategically

• 7 best practices to drive better outcomes from your CX strategy

• Current leaders in government who are doing CX right

• How ForeSee helps government improve the citizen experience