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Solving the Cloud Conundrum: Security, Procurement, Workforce

Cloud is undeniably powering major advancements, such as enabling digital documentation for faster workflows, in governments everywhere. But the fact remains that many agencies aren’t adopting cloud efficiently or effectively.

The reason? Agencies at every level are struggling with three key areas around cloud: procurement, security and workforces. To help them address these potential hurdles, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the Cloud Smart strategy in October 2018.

Cloud Smart helps organizations prepare for implementing cloud. It differs from earlier federal cloud strategies by urging agencies to carefully consider procurement, security and workforces before investing in the technology.

And although Cloud Smart focuses on federal agencies, many of the same challenges exist for state and local organizations.

If your agency is experiencing friction during its cloud journey, GovLoop is here to help. This guide explains the role that procurement, security and workforces play in cloud adoption. We also debunk some of the myths about cloud. Additionally, we’ll provide you with the facts your agency needs for actively starting cloud services. The less effort your agency expends on cloud, the more it can invest in achieving your mission.