Accelerating Digital Transformation

Shopping is a chore not all look forward to, especially when it comes to something as complex as cloud solutions. The benefits of cloud are clear, but navigating the buying process can be overwhelming. This new infographic introduces you to a cloud marketplace and shows how it’s helpful to agencies. You’ll learn common challenges youRead… Read more »

Don’t Let Cloud Make You a Soft Target for Ransomware

Over the past two years, many agencies turned to cloud-based solutions as the number of employees working from home increased. Workers might be returning to the office, but the cloud is here to stay, and that comes with certain risks. Agencies are often ideal targets for ransomware because of their data sensitivity. Did you knowRead… Read more »

Three Steps to Cloud Readiness

Why isn’t government making the most of cloud? It’s not budget, absence of interest, or a lack of benefits to cloud. As agencies embark on their journey to the cloud, many leaders are finding that their infrastructure, organization or both are not adequately prepared to transition to this new technology. While some agencies are more preparedRead… Read more »

Why You Should Care About FedRAMP

The Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a governmentwide program that provides a standardized approach for assessing the security of cloud products and services, authorizing them for government use and continuously monitoring the long-term security of those cloud solutions. Here’s why FedRAMP needs to be on your radar:

Using SaaS for Innovative Government

For many state and local governments, software as a service (SaaS) will revolutionize the way they manage their IT infrastructures and ultimately better serve the public. To learn how and why more municipalities are adopting the cloud technology to drive innovation, check out our infographic. It explains: The definition of SaaS Benefits of the technologyRead… Read more »

Cloud 101: Learning What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Today, nearly every agency, department, and government sector uses cloud computing. Some use it to build more robust IT infrastructures and replace legacy systems, while others use scalable software services to increase the agility of their platforms. Of course, others also use cloud to cut costs and even increase IT security. Cloud is quickly becoming the IT backbone of governmentRead… Read more »