Searching for the Perfect Government Association? Join the Club!

Everyone knows being a member of a club or organization is awesome. The feeling of being part of an exclusive group of individuals, all dedicated to the same cause, and sharing ideas is definitely alluring, but what about other, less esoteric benefits?

Depending on the function of the organization, benefits can range anywhere from a simple, prestigious title to put on your resume/business card to special access to any number of resources: exclusive seminars, networking events, discounted software and commodities, cutting edge information, trade secrets, and the list goes on.

So what’s keeping you from joining one of the many government organizations out there right now? Whatever your reasons might be, ignorance can no longer be one of them! Here at GovLoop, we have created a unique data set of associations available to, and specifically for govies across all levels of public service.

So look no further! Follow the link below to check out our recently updated list of government associations. Feel free to browse around, do some research, and even join an association if you feel so inclined.

If you find our list is lacking a particular, official organization, let us know about it in the form below so we can continue to make this a comprehensive resource for govies everywhere!

GovLoop List of Government Employee Associations

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Teresa Alley

Your input box above, for submitting an organization doesn’t work: “! form post failed on XML Load” I had several to add to the list.