USPS is Going Green!

It’s not easy being green, but The United States Postal Service has developed a plan to make its day-to-day operations greener for a better tomorrow.

How are they doing this?

  • Greener Facilities which have sustainable design elements and use less energy.
  • Greener Vehicles which utilize alternate, sustainable fuel options
  • Post Office Box Lobby Recycling bins
  • Postal Service stamps and shipping products, including Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes and envelopes, which have been designed with green materials and have therefore earned Cradle-to-Cradle certification.

Deloitte has helped make this green project possible by helping to write the USPS’ inaugural public-facing sustainability report, which identifies environmental metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). According to Deloitte, key tasks included:

  • Identification of 31 sustainability key performance indicators that are most relevant to the client, such as greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and hazardous waste generation and calculating historical performance for the 31 KPIs.
  • Working with the client’s internal sustainability office to prepare a corporate sustainability report in accordance with GRI’s guidelines, including writing the report content, creating charts and data tables and executing final graphic design.
  • Preparing a white paper detailing lessons learned and recommendations for improving future sustainability reporting efforts.
  • Assessing the process for reporting on energy use and spending and recommending opportunities for improving efficiency of that process.
  • Recommending energy-related benchmarks that are appropriate for a large organization, and providing insights into tracking performance against benchmarks.
  • Performing cost analyses for different operating scenarios, as well as analysis of potential reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s great to see two awesome companies doing great things for our country and environment! Way to Go USPS and Deloitte!


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