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How to Write a Pathways Federal Resume – Join the RoundTable tomorrow

Please join us on FedTalk Radio to discuss Pathway applications. I’ll be discussing the Federal Resume format that will be the best for current students and recent graduates! Information: January 25, 2013 — In 2011, the Office of Personnel Management proposed new rules that would help students and recent graduates obtain federal positions. TheRead… Read more »

Kudos to Google and YouTube! Financial Help for Nonprofits and Associations

Http://LeonardSipes.Com (PR and social media for government, associations and nonprofits) I wrote an article describing assistance from Google regarding assistance to nonprofits, see Now, YouTube (owned by Google) is offering an array of incentives to encourage nonprofits to take advantage of its services. One of the challenges of working with nonprofits and associations is gettingRead… Read more »

How to Find the Right Organizations For Your Project Management Career

What’s the hardest part of landing a new role to advance your career? I asked this question in a poll recently on the Career in Project Management LinkedIn Group. The top answer was that finding organizations and jobs seems to be the toughest challenge, at least from the people who responded to the poll IRead… Read more »

Relevancy and Government Service

Http://LeonardSipes.Com It’s rare when an article moves you to a thorough understanding of any issue but Adam Hartung’s “Why the Postal Service is Going Out of Business” in Forbes is one of them. The lessons also apply to all aspects of government, association and nonprofit service. As to the Post Office Hartung writes that, “ThereRead… Read more »

Your Fear of Social Media—It’s Too Hard to Understand

Your Fear of Social Media—It’s Too Hard to Understand Http://LeonardSipes.Com First in a series on the fear some people in government, associations and nonprofits express when whey contemplate social media. People exchange information and photos in all sorts of informal groups. You learn from friends and associates their preferences, likes and dislikes. Social media isRead… Read more »

Searching for the Perfect Government Association? Join the Club!

Everyone knows being a member of a club or organization is awesome. The feeling of being part of an exclusive group of individuals, all dedicated to the same cause, and sharing ideas is definitely alluring, but what about other, less esoteric benefits? Depending on the function of the organization, benefits can range anywhere from aRead… Read more »