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Social Media Tactics: 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaign: RSVP for 10/19

Please join us at GovDelivery’s event on Wednesday, October 19th, Social Media’s Role In Cost Effective Solutions.

The theme for this week is 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaign. Social media changes fast – the tools people use and the strategies people deploy. Make sure you are staying on top of the latest blogs, guides and speaking with your colleagues about social media. I’ve heard people use the phrase “tool agnostic” as to refer to social media. In other words, some people focus on broad strategies to use towards social media, to help compensate with so many changes to privacy settings and new tools being developed.

1. Tell a Compelling Story

If I had to choose, blogs would be my favorite social media application. To me, your blog is like your most critical project at work, it needs to be functioning well to support all other elements of your agency. Without a well-written and consistent blog, other social media applications become harder to manage. They are also one the most challenging social media applications. It takes some time to develop a voice for you agency, but a good place to start is by telling a compelling story. Write about success you have had and the impact you have made.

2. Develop a Content Schedule

If you’re struggling thinking of content, take an hour with your team and map out story ideas. Put together a document of potential content, so if you are ever starring at a blank screen and unsure where to start, you have something to get you started. It even helps to have weekly blog series or content you post on a weekly basis.

3. Stay True to Your Mission

It really does not matter what sector you function in (public, private, non-profit), if your agency does not have a well defined mission that is consistently deployed and used to decide on initiatives, your agency is in trouble. Within your social media and communications plan, think about the content, tools and applications that will drive your agency towards meeting your mission.

4. Don’t Forget About Email

Social media is only one part of your communications package. Think of the amount of people your organization communicates with on a daily basis via email, since you are putting a lot of hard work and effort into your social media plan – don’t leave out email. Remind yourself that the tone, language and content in email matters to your entire communications strategy.

5. Be Sure to Have a “Share This” Button

You’re already doing a lot of the heavy lifting by cross-posting links, tweeting your most recent blog posts, and sending out email blasts. But, the best scenario is when someone else takes this action for you. This gets your content out into different newsfeeds and timelines, exposing your agency to new potential followers.

If you are interested in learning more about social media and bringing some great lessons back to your agency, please join us at GovDelivery’s event on Wednesday, October 19th, Social Media’s Role In Cost Effective Solutions. You will be able to connect with others who are working on social media strategies and learn a lot of great lessons to bring back to your agency. You also won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear David Kirkpatrick speak, author of The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World.

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