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What Makes A Good Training Simulation?

All training simulations are not created equal in either educational value or in their overall ability to provide realistic training experiences. Being able to understand the key dynamics that make 3D serious games and simulations a cut above the rest is a major component in selecting a company to provide your training requirements. The followingRead… Read more »

What is a Training Simulation?

Many businesses, companies, organizations and government agencies have already tapped into the training potential offered by serious games and training simulations. In its most basic definition, a 3D training simulation is a highly specialized, custom designed and developed interactive 3D software program that allows individuals to learn and practice real world activities in a safe,Read… Read more »

Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with the United States Air Force Academy to Develop a Browser Based 3D Virtual Campus Tour

Virtual world developer Designing Digitally, Inc. used the Unity development platform to design a browser based interactive 3D virtual campus tour for prospective cadets to tour the United States Air Force Academy. Franklin, OH April 04, 2011 – Designing Digitally, Inc., a full-service interactive design company and developer of “3D Virtual Campus Tours,” recently completedRead… Read more »

Fast-Tracking a Greener Government – Meeting those Mandates

This blog entry was originally posted on by GovLoop member, Caron Beesley Green buildings, green transportation, green computing, in fact all things green, is a hot trend. In the public sector, “green” isn’t just the ideal – “green” is mandated. Since the Obama administration moved into the White House, green legislation and “green IT’Read… Read more »

3D and Public Policy

I came across a very interesting article by Mike Nelson (former Clinton admin policy techno wonk…now at Georgetown) and Chris Francis (IBM UK) giving some good thoughts on public policy issues and all those 3D virtual world type environments. It’s at: 3D and Public Policy