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Designing Digitally, Inc. at DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012! – Are you going?

Designing Digitally, Inc. at DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012! Designing Digitally, Inc. is excited to announce our attendance at the Devlearn Conference & Expo 2012 – to be held this year in beautifully sunny Las Vegas from October 31st to November 2nd. DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012 is a conference devoted to E-Learning development. AsRead… Read more »

Wall Street Journal Reports on San Francisco Gamification Summit – Gamification is Becoming Big Business!

“Gamification is serious business,” according to the Wall Street Journal and their coverage of the Gamification Summit that happened in San Francisco this week – attracting well over 600 individuals from… For the whole story see:

Strategic & Tactical Advantages of Custom Web-Based Training

If you’re interested in developing custom web-based training courses for your employees, but you’re having trouble getting upper management to buy-in, we can help. Knowing the strategic and tactical advantages of web-based training can help you convince decision makers that web-based training is appropriate for your team. It’s hard to list out all of theRead… Read more »

How Serious Games Help You Learn

Learning by doing is one of the oldest ways that businesses, agencies and organizations train new staff and those promoting into new areas of responsibility. The problem with this traditional type of training is that it takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money and there will always be real world errors andRead… Read more »

How to Conduct E-Learning Training

Developing E-Learning training courses isn’t as easy as just deciding on a whim to take your training courses to new heights. A lot of hard work goes into developing E-Learning training courses that meet the needs of your organization and give learners information they need to know. Here are some tips for ensuring that theRead… Read more »

What is a serious game?

The term serious game may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron; however, it has been in existence for a significant amount of time. The first types of serious games didn’t rely on computer technology, but rather on simple card games and board games that required the player to make choices that continued toRead… Read more »

Realizing your serious game potential

Most training coordinators and human resource managers have heard of incorporating serious games into ongoing professional development and employee training programs. What these professionals may not realize is the actual potential for learning that 3D simulations offer in virtually any type of work or learning environment. The ability to capitalize on the benefits of thisRead… Read more »

Secrets to having a sucessful training simulation

Developing effective and meaningful training simulations takes knowledge, an understanding of the learning process, as well as a keen eye for detail. Since all training simulations and serious games have different objectives, knowing what elements to include and how to present the material to the learner in the serious games is critical. In addition, 3DRead… Read more »

What Makes A Good Training Simulation?

All training simulations are not created equal in either educational value or in their overall ability to provide realistic training experiences. Being able to understand the key dynamics that make 3D serious games and simulations a cut above the rest is a major component in selecting a company to provide your training requirements. The followingRead… Read more »