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What is OCB?

OCB is lately getting some increased buzz in leadership circles. No, I’m not talking about obsessive-compulsive behavior, at least for now anyway. Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is a fancy term for employee discretionary effort. In other words, OCB is discretionary behavior that is not part of an employee’s formal job requirements, but that nonetheless supports… Read more »

Taking the Initiative

As a leadership coach, one of the issues that I hear about from my clients at the GS-14/15 level of the federal government is the lack of opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities and competencies through new and meaningful projects, tasks, or assignments. Often they will express their frustrations by saying that their senior manager does… Read more »

Agreeable to Disagreement

Students of leadership may recall a clever quotation from George S. Patton: No one is thinking if everyone is thinking alike. Although disagreements in the workplace can sometimes create emotionally charged situations, thoughtful disagreement can be quite constructive when managed appropriately. Many leaders have found success by not trying to prevent disagreement but rather by… Read more »

The LMX Theory

Have you noticed that managers often act differently toward their different employees? Do you sometimes see managers who have favorites? Well, if so, you are witnessing the workings of the LMX theory of leadership. The leader-member exchange (LMX) theory holds that leaders have two different types of relationships among their followers. In essence, leaders establish… Read more »

Why Persistent Perseverance Can Be a Waste of Time

If you’re reading this post, you’re likely a student of leadership (and good for you!) You have no doubt read about the importance of perseverance and persistence in being successful. The problem is this: Perseverance can be an enormous waste of time, especially if you are persistent at it. The mantra of authors and speakers… Read more »

The Decision Tree

In my experience as an executive coach, I have seen how some managers—particularly those who are new in their leadership roles—have struggled with the concept of delegation. Managers who wisely and effectively delegate are able to accomplish much more than those who lasso and corral the tasks that their employees should be doing themselves. Reasons… Read more »