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Daily Dose: Would More Female Agents have Discouraged Cartagena Shenanigans?

Can a lack of workforce diversity lead to on-the-job shenanigans? That’s the question the Washington Post asked in regards to the Secret Service prostitution scandal, and how few women are employed as special agents. Only 11% of special agents are women; some Congresswomen think this lack of diversity could have contributed to the poor decisionsRead… Read more »

Agreeable to Disagreement

Students of leadership may recall a clever quotation from George S. Patton: No one is thinking if everyone is thinking alike. Although disagreements in the workplace can sometimes create emotionally charged situations, thoughtful disagreement can be quite constructive when managed appropriately. Many leaders have found success by not trying to prevent disagreement but rather byRead… Read more »

Research, case studies sought on transparency issues

I earlier posted a list of fundamental questions and dilemmas (which I recently updated) to the GovLoop forum: Update: I put the questions on the GovLoop wiki under the name “Questions concerning government participation.” I’ve been asked to flesh this out with research and case studies. Can members of this network suggest things toRead… Read more »