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6 Checks for Leadership Quotient Delegation

When managers can successfully delegate duties within their team, the entire organization benefits. The art of leadership rewards managers so they don’t have to do it all. Synergy makes the group stronger and more meaningful to the individuals comprising the team, including the manager. Leaders want to work with other leaders, not micromanagers who hoard… Read more »

Power Tools of Government

What are the major levers for driving changes in government agencies? Traditional tools are statutory changes, budgetary controls, and executive orders. But one that seasoned government executives will use to drive change is control over delegations of authority. A recent report by the Partnership for Public Service on how several federal agencies created shared serviceRead… Read more »

The Decision Tree

In my experience as an executive coach, I have seen how some managers—particularly those who are new in their leadership roles—have struggled with the concept of delegation. Managers who wisely and effectively delegate are able to accomplish much more than those who lasso and corral the tasks that their employees should be doing themselves. ReasonsRead… Read more »